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Spotlight on Quebec City's dynamic digital community

The second edition of Quebec City Digital Week (QCDW) will be held from April 1-9, 2017. This year, a number of the 17 scheduled events are geared towards the general public. QCDW is designed to showcase various high-level actors in one of Quebec City's major economic hubs, including two essential players: Web in Quebec City (WAQ) and Pixel Challenge.

“Each of the 18 project collaborators hopes to maintain Quebec City's status as a benchmark for the French-speaking digital sector. Thanks to the QCDW's diversified content, I think we'll be making a direct contribution to that goal,” said Joé Bussière, Chairman of Quebec City Digital (Québec Numérique), the organization spearheading QCDW.

In addition to activities relating to various digital fields (e.g. augmented reality, video games and the Web), QCDW will also focus on the sector's social, business and cultural impacts.

During the inaugural edition of QCDW in April 2016, a total of nine events and 125 seminars were held over a five-day period. Some 2,500 people attended, including 287 from France. Economic benefits totalling over $1 million were generated.

More visitors from outside Quebec

With 17 events scheduled this year, the QCDW organizers expect at least 400 people from outside the region to attend, including a significant contingent from France. There will also be thousands of local participants.

“Quebec City Digital Week is a major event that illustrates vital exchanges of information between Quebec and France in all digital areas. France's Consulate General in Quebec City, in partnership with the France/Quebec Youth Office (OFQJ) and various community organizations, is stepping up its efforts to ensure a significant European French presence once again this year,” said Laurence Haguenauer, France's Consul General in Quebec City.

“The second edition of Digital Week provides an array of business and networking opportunities that continue to gain momentum in Quebec City. We are proud to support this event, which is made possible through the leadership of the digital community," said Quebec City's Mayor, Régis Labeaume. "In 2017, we hope to grab local residents' attention as they embark on a digital adventure that will get the city vibrating with innovation! Once again, the Quebec City library network will be playing a key role with its wide-ranging program of activities.”

“My participation in Web in Quebec City (WAQ) last year gave me a newfound appreciation for the unifying role that this type of event can play for the information and communications technology industry. This sector is thriving around the province, and the provincial government recognizes its importance as a driver of economic development. It is also an essential component of the transformation process that continues to shape the society in which we live. The digital strategy consultations currently underway are designed to produce new initiatives that will speed Quebec's digital transition and promote local entrepreneurs and companies, in much the same way as Digital Week,” said Dominique Anglade, Minister of the Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister Responsible for the Digital Strategy.

17 events

The Web in Quebec City (WAQ) was the ground-breaking initiative that paved the way for Digital Week. “This event is positioning Quebec City's digital community as an innovation leader in the French-speaking world,” said Joé Bussière.

During Quebec City Digital Week, Canada's largest digital creation competition will be held: the Pixel Challenge. This major event involves the team-based creation of a video game, a short animated film or a sound design in the space of 48 hours. It's nothing less than a tour de force!

The other activities (see below) include the launch of WAQ Junior in Quebec City's library network (April 8-9), aimed at teaching website creation to youths between the ages of 8 and 14. Another brand-new full-day event will be Insurtech QC on April 3 (insurance sector investments are estimated to have topped $2 billion in 2015). Also making its debut is the sixth Social Network Spring, organized by Colloquium and held at Complexe Lebourgneuf Phase II.

In the cultural arena, the Museum of Civilization and Chambre Blanche will be hosting the digital exhibition F5, as well as the conferences Decoding the World and Robot, both ofwhich deal with artificial intelligence. The Cultural Innovation Forum will be held on April 3, featuring cultural workers, artists and members of the digital community from across Quebec discussing the digital culture project (Culture NumériQc) being carried out by Québec Numérique and the provincial Ministry of Culture and Communications.

Social Derby will feature a social network competition from April 1-30 designed to benefit Quebec City's business districts. Quebec City Augmented RealityDay will be held on April 7, while Warp Zone is sure to attract video gamers on April 8.

About Digital Week

Stemming from France's dynamic digital sector, the Digital Week movement gained a foothold in various "French Tech" cities with the support of communities, cities and pro-digital organizations. Despite geographical diversity, the overall goals remain the same: bringing digital communities together, fostering shared learning, democratizing the digital sector for the general public and business clienteles in other areas and promoting innovation.

About Quebec Digital (Québec Numérique)

Québec Numérique (QN) is a non-profit organization that undertakes a variety of digital initiatives. QN fulfils its mission by fostering, mobilizing, training and democratizing the digital sector and boosting its international standing.

Joé Bussière (president of Libeo), Carl-Frédéric De Celles (president of iXmedia), Jean-Philippe Doyle (president of Hookt Studios), Ana-Laura Baz (digital project manager at the Museum of Civilization), Gabriel Rodrigue (client service director at Mirego), Geneviève de Montigny (communication/web marketing advisor for the Federation of Desjardins Caisses Populaires) and Dominic Goulet (technology director at AXES Network) all serve on QN's Board. Pierre-Luc Lachance is QN's general manager, supported by Martin Boivin, who is the person in charge of Quebec City Digital Week.