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The CEO’s Column: Local Businesses in Global Media

Dare. Take action. Stand out. Businesses in the greater Québec City region are full of ingenuity, passion, creativity and determination. Although the region’s reputation is already well established, we are always happy to see that local successes travel beyond Quebec’s borders and find their way into global media. In the spirit of celebrating these achievements, I would like to present this short monthly column.

Each month, I will be highlighting businesses that made the news outside Quebec due to major achievements, acquisitions, or any other aspect that showcases Quebec’s dynamism. With many key sectors and a strong collaborative spirit, Québec City has countless businesses that continuously distinguish themselves.

Without further ado, here are the news that caught our attention these past few weeks.


Japan, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Spain, Senegal, United States... LeddarTech has been in the news just about everywhere in the world recently. Thanks to its participation in the digital CES 2021, its impressive annual results and major players in the autonomous vehicles industry choosing its products and solutions, the company has attracted a lot of attention these past few weeks. LeddarTech’s sensors and the LiDAR platform, both fundamental tools used for object and reference detection in autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems, continue to stand out due to their usefulness and efficiency.

Some examples of news articles:


XpertSea proposes technological solutions improved with artificial intelligence to help with production monitoring, cost calculations and payment processing in the field of aquaculture. Given the current trends toward food autonomy and the various challenges regarding payments and monitoring due to the pandemic, the company has gained new clients around the world thanks to its efficient solutions. Several media outlets covered the use of XpertSea products, highlighting their benefits and potential for improving efficiency and environmental responsibility in aquaculture.

Some examples of news articles:

H2O Innovation

H2O Innovation proposes wastewater filtration and treatment solutions for municipal, commercial and industrial clients. Although signing deals with stakeholders from around the world is nothing new for H2O, the fact that the company has recently landed a contract with “the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the US” has caught the attention of the media, with rumours claiming that the client may be Tesla.

Some examples of news articles:


The Québec City region remains a dynamic ecosystem in the field of video games, as demonstrated by Beenox’s announcement of a major expansion project. Known for its work on the popular series Call of Duty, the studio, a subsidiary of Activition founded in Québec City, has reached several media platforms outside Quebec with the upcoming creation of more than 100 jobs in the region.

Some examples of news articles:


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for remote working solutions has grown exponentially. The expectations in terms of reliability and capabilities for these programs also increased. To continue to exceed expectations with its products, LogMeIn announced an expansion project in Quebec, along with the establishment of its Canadian headquarters in Québec City. With LogMeIn’s solutions already in use around the world, this announcement was picked up by international media.

Some examples of news articles:

Kudos to all these businesses that help the Québec City region shine all around the world. I am very happy to see them contribute so brilliantly to Québec City’s global recognition, and they can count on us to support their growth.

If you know of any other international news about our region’s businesses, please send them to us at info@quebecinternational.ca. We are always happy to hear from you!

Until next month,

Carl Viel
President and CEO of Québec International