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The CEO’s Column: Local Businesses in Global Media (April 2021)

We’ve had some cool weather around the end of April, but what’s even cooler is that local businesses have been featured in the media outside the province this month! And once again, it is time for my monthly column, where I highlight businesses that made the news outside Quebec due to major achievements, acquisitions, or any other aspect that showcases Quebec’s dynamism.

Here are some announcements that caught our attention these past few weeks and that helped promote the Québec City region’s ingenuity, creativity or determination internationally.


Optel Group offers traceability solutions to ensure the origin, compliance and security of a wide array of products in production chains around the world. The group opened a manufacturing plant in India in 2016 and since then, the company has made major gains in that market, leading to a record year in terms of sales and project deliveries in OPTEL’s 30 years of existence. And of course, the press release relaying the news was picked up by several media outlets around the world.

Here are some examples:


Québec City startup Tero is about to make its first product launch: a countertop device designed to quickly transform waste into fertilizer. After the testing phase, the startup has announced that they were about to ship its first units, with stocks selling quickly in both the Canadian and US markets. Tero’s press release has caught the eye of the media in Canada and the United States as well as around the world.

Here are some examples:

Chainsawesome Games

Chainsawesome Games has come a long way since it became the first video game studio to win the CATAPULT program in 2014. CATAPULTE allowed the startup to launch its first video game, Knight Squad, and this month the studio has released a sequel. That release did not go unnoticed and was featured in many global media outlets, with rather positive first-hand reviews for the studio’s most recent game.

Some examples of news articles:

Kudos to all these businesses that help the Québec City region shine all around the world. I am very happy to see them contribute so brilliantly to Québec City’s global recognition, and they can count on us to support their growth.

If you know of any other international news about our region’s businesses, please send them to us at info@quebecinternational.ca. We are always happy to hear from you!

Until next month,

Carl Viel
President and CEO of Québec International