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The CEO’s Column: Local Businesses in Global Media (August 2021)

We’re already well into the summer. The heat waves are drawing to a close, the Québec International newsletter is back, and the summer holidays are coming to an end for many of us. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to get some rest, because, clearly, some companies in the greater Québec City region haven’t taken a break in recent weeks!

That’s just as well, since it’s once again time for my monthly column where I highlight a few companies that have made headlines in the media outside of Québec, whether it’s in connection with major achievements, acquisitions, or any other aspect that underscores the vibrancy of Québec.

I therefore present to you a few announcements that recently caught our attention, and which have allowed the greater Québec City region to stand out on the international level, whether through its ingenuity, creativity, or determination.


Zilia is a young Québec City company that uses state-of-the-art devices and artificial intelligence to measure oxygen saturation in the eye and thereby access and analyze important information on the ocular and neurological health of individuals. Already supported by Québec International’s INPAQTS contest, the company recently shifted to another level, as it completed a $4M round of financing. The press release announcing this raising of capital was picked up in several places around the world, demonstrating the global interest in the advancement of this technology.

A few examples of reprintings of the press release:

Rodeo FX

The special effects company Rodeo FX isn’t making its first appearance in the international media: its work on many major films and series has already made headlines. Recently, however, its magic on the miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been noticed, as the company offered a deconstruction of the visual effects that it brought to the series. The video produced by Rodeo FX has been featured in several articles around the world.

A few examples of articles:



The XpertSea company, which specializes in technological and financial solutions that support aquaculture, is continuing its explosive growth and, by the same token, turning the heads of investors and the global media. Its most recent funding, valued at $20M US, has caused plenty of ink to flow, and will also allow the company to continue the work done on its trading platform. Winning the Trading Solution of the Year prize at the 2021 AgTech Breakthrough Awards has only heightened this visibility.

A few examples of articles:

Liberty Spring

Diversifying your expertise by acquiring another Québec player is also a way to get noticed. This is what happened with Liberty Spring, a high-precision spring manufacturer, when it acquired Elka Suspension, a manufacturer of suspension systems for recreational vehicles and light trucks. This union will allow both companies to offer more products and mutually access a larger market.

A few examples of articles:

Congratulations to all these companies that are promoting the greater Québec City region elsewhere in the world. I’m very happy to count on them to help Québec City stand out, just as they can count on us to help them continue their growth.

If you have other international promotions to share with us, don’t hesitate to send them to us at info@quebecinternational.ca. We love hearing from you!

Until next month!

Carl Viel
President/CEO of Québec International