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The CEO’s Column: Local Businesses in Global Media (February 2021)

Another month has passed, so it is time for another monthly column! Once again this month, I will be highlighting businesses that made the news outside Quebec due to major achievements, acquisitions, or any other aspect that showcases Quebec’s dynamism.

We have a nice range of sectors this month! Here are some announcements that caught our attention these past few weeks and that helped distinguish the Québec City region’s ingenuity, creativity or determination internationally.


Progress in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine has attracted some amount of attention both in Quebec and around the world. Medicago develops plant-derived vaccines, which gives them various benefits ranging from production time to storage temperatures. These assets, along with the promising results in clinical trials so far, have placed the Quebec company on international media’s radar as a player to watch in the fight against the pandemic.

Some examples of news articles:


The digital entertainment studio Frima has worked with several world-leading companies in the past, including Microsoft, Zynga, Mattel and others. This month, the studio once again made the news with the announcement of a collaboration with Kalypso Media to produce a new instalment in the Disciples series, with lots of attention directed to the announcement trailer for the game. Due to be released in 2021, the game is viewed as a reboot of the franchise.

Some examples of news articles:


A jewel of Quebec industry, EXFO has already achieved a sound reputation. With solutions for testing, monitoring and analyzing telecommunication networks, the company has been in global news several times this year. Still, I wanted to highlight this strong media presence that makes Québec City shine. The agreements for the rollout and support of several projects are a good example of this visibility.

Some examples of news articles:

Kudos to all these businesses that help the Québec City region shine all around the world. I am very happy to see them contribute so brilliantly to Québec City’s global recognition, and they can count on us to support their growth.

If you know of any other international news about our region’s businesses, please send them to us at info@quebecinternational.ca. We are always happy to hear from you!

Until next month,

Carl Viel
President and CEO of Québec International