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The CEO's Column: Local Businesses in Global Media (November 2022)

The month of October was no exception for Québec businesses and organizations, as they set themselves apart once again, innovating and providing solutions that made the news in Quebec and around the world. On this note, for this new edition of my monthly column, I would like you to discover the last breakthroughs of Laurie Raphaël, Poitras Industries, Ganka, and Université Laval on the local, national, and international scenes over the past few weeks.

Laurie Raphaël

We now have proof: Québec City has nothing to envy to other Canadian cities in the restaurant industry. Laurie Raphaël, founded by chef Daniel Vézina and now owned by his two children, Raphaël and Laure-Alex, received one of the highest culinary distinctions in America: five diamonds by the CAA/AAA Guide. The Quebec capital is the only city in the province to host restaurants with this distinction. Congratulations to the team at Laurie Raphaël for this accomplishment!

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Poitras Industries

From mid-November, two smart bike shelters produced by the Québec City SME Poitras Industries will be made available to New York residents and tourists. For this project, the team at Poitras Industries worked with New York SME Oonee, providing manufacturing services, systems integration, and delivery, while also lending a hand in designing the shelters. The goal is to produce 20 to 30 shelters during the first two years and then 50 per year in subsequent years. The Québec company hopes to eventually have a presence in every metropolitan city in North America. Our team wishes them the best of success, and I would like to use this opportunity to mention that Québec International offers a wide array of services to help you with business development in other territories.

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Located in L’Ancienne-Lorette, Ganka is not very well known to the general public. Yet, it manufactures outdoor clothing for around 50 private brands in many major Canadian and Quebec retailers. A few weeks ago, Ganka announced a new partnership with Remington, the oldest gun maker in the United States, to produce and import hundreds of products for Canadian and American hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. This is excellent news for this local business!

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Université Laval (Faculty of Medicine)

In mid-October, Université Laval announced the creation of its eighth international associated laboratory in collaboration with Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. This lab will help increase the research capacity, facilitate researcher mobility and enhance the collaboration between the two universities. The new lab will conduct research focused on the treatment and prevention of viral respiratory infections. 

For the stakeholders in the life sciences and health technology sector, I take this opportunity to invite you to the 16th edition of the Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum, which will take place at the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury on December 6 and 7. The Forum is the ideal place to discover the latest developments in medical technologies and innovations and create new business relationships, like that of Université Laval and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. 

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Once again, congratulations to all these businesses that are making the greater Québec City region shine all around the world. It is my genuine pleasure to see the success of our local business sector, and you can count on Québec International to continue contributing to its growth.  

Please continue to share stories of local businesses that made the news abroad at info@quebecinternational.ca. I would be happy to share the news in my future articles. 

Carl Viel
President and CEO, Québec International