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The fDi Magazine American Cities of the Future 2019-20 - Québec City Awarded Six Times as an American City of the Future

Québec City was honoured six times in the American Cities of the Future 2019-2020 rankings, published on June 10 by the British magazine fDi, an fDi Intelligence division of The Financial Times Limited.

With five appearances in the rankings in the “mid-sized cities” category—that is, cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants—Québec City also ranked 9th in America for all size categories combined for its foreign investment (FDI) strategy, and 3rd in Canada.

The nomination supported by Québec International positioned Québec City among 218 cities located in North and South America, divided into five categories according to their population size. The analysis conducted by the experts from fDi Intelligence aimed to evaluate results related in particular to economic potential, business friendliness, human capital and lifestyle, profitability, and connectivity.

“We are particularly proud of this ranking in numerous categories, which recognizes the region’s expertise in terms of economic growth, progress, and innovation. For Québec International and Québec City, this performance reflects the increased efforts made to ensure regional economic development,” stated Carl Viel.

All size categories combined

  • Top 10 for FDI Strategy
    Québec City placed 3rd in Canada and 9th in America

Mid-sized cities rankings

  • Top 10 for Economic Potential
    Québec City ranked 2nd in Canada and 8th in America

  • Top 10 for Human Capital and Lifestyle
    Québec City ranked 2nd in Canada and 6th in America

  • Top 10 for Connectivity 
    Québec City placed 5th in Canada and 8th in America

  • Top 10 for Business Friendliness 
    Québec City placed 2nd in Canada and 5th in America

  • Top 10 for American Cities of the Future 
    Québec City ranked 2nd in Canada and 5th in America

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Québec International contributes to the economic development of the Québec City metropolitan region and its international status. As a regional economic development agency, Québec International fosters business growth and development, supports key sectors, and attracts talent and investments to the area. To learn more, consult Québec International.