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food industry


In a market where consumers are increasingly demanding and mindful of their diet, Québec NUTRI brings together stakeholders from the food processing sector who care about the development and commercialization of added value products contributing to a healthier food offering. This cluster aims to create a pool of contact networks, advanced technologies and applied knowledge designed to help develop new health foods and support growth in local businesses.

Through different projects and activities, Québec NUTRI educates and supports all businesses in the food processing sector that wish to take a “healthy turn” in order to maintain or increase their competitiveness and develop new markets.

food processing sector


To better support businesses, Québec NUTRI acts on four main axes to help organizations and their teams reach ambitious individual and collective goals.


Innovative solutions are a building block of distinction and progress.

Québec NUTRI supports the creation of new health foods as well as the improvement of existing foods’ nutritional value by using wholesome ingredients and innovative technological solutions. This cluster focuses on implementing shared development and research projects, identified by the businesses, that could be realized in collaboration with experts and specialized research centres. Training and awareness activities also support the implementation of innovation projects and contribute to the vitality and mobilization of the members of the cluster.


Offering relevant and efficient support to ensure success at home and abroad.

Québec NUTRI promotes business development, both by organizing trade missions, buyer receptions, training events and coaching programs and by identifying commercial, technology and financial partners.


Having the right resources at the right time is essential for a strong industry.

The creation of new, innovative products and the development of new markets require a qualified labour force. This is why Québec NUTRI searches for new solutions and implements and supports actions that help overcome recruiting challenges.


A strong network can lead to new opportunities and expand the scope of successful projects.

Networking activities help establish new contacts and expand business opportunities. By taking part in regional, provincial and international events and initiatives, Québec NUTRI improves the outreach and promotion of local expertise.


Québec NUTRI stands out by contributing to many projects and achievements that draw on the expertise of members and partners. The results highlight the innovative flair of the greater Québec City area and help improve the region’s visibility, at home and abroad.

  • NomadLab

    NomadLab allows Québec City region's companies in the food processing sector to perform taste and use tests of their products by sending boxes of samples directly to preselected consumers! Recipient, in 2018, of an International Economic Development Council's bronze in the category "Private-public partnership", this service is ideal for better understanding their perceptions and can even help you adjust your strategies!

  • Collective Culinary Creation

    A creative process involving food industry experts, entrepreneurs, chefs, food bloggers, influencers, and foodie consumers, these culinary creation workshops explore new ways to create and improve innovative products. This structured approach places chefs and consumers at the core of the product design process.

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