Why choose the Québec City area, in Canada?

We invite you to launch your business project in the Québec City
metropolitan region – the European area of North America. It has all the
advantages of a major urban centre, combined with an unbeatable quality
of life. Doing business here could take you far!

Québec: Innovative city

Québec City has none of the drawbacks of megacities while offering all the same advantages. A city of knowledge with cutting edge infrastructures, it has that extra touch of soul that larger centres all too often lack and this is what inspires all those who contribute to its vitality. The Québec City area celebrates its quality of life, treasures creativity, fuels innovation and constantly optimizes conditions as a means of building a profitable future for all.

Efficient + friendly = pampered investor

The Québec City area, it’s simple. It’s not a wish or a slogan. It is, to put it simply, a reality. Make it your reality.

  • Steady economic growth for more than 20 years
  • Canada's highest employment rate

    88.6 % in 2016 for the 25 to 54 year old group – The country’s lowest unemployment rate

  • Major economic hub

    Supported by a high degree of industrial diversification

  • Political, economic and cultural capital

What makes us one of a kind In the Québec City area :

  • You’ll never be alone because collaboration and mutual aid are deeply embedded in our inner nature.
  • You’ll find talented people with sharp minds who are eager to help propel your ideas to a whole new level.
  • You’ll benefit from an environment that advocates ambition without pretence, knowing that the key to pushing back boundaries is collective effort.
  • You’ll find the perfect example of an all-inclusive, a region that is both a much sought-after, welcoming place and a wonderful springboard to world markets.
  • The region offers an outstanding living environment where happiness is therefore made easy and within everyone’s reach.

Never alone

A dynamic economy, low operating costs, strong industrial diversity and examples of unprecedented collaborations.

In Québec City, you’ll find a culture of cooperation like nowhere else. It is a tightly knit community bound together by a strong network of social and economic ties. Driven by a strong sense of pride and a thirst for innovations that will further add to its wealth of achievements, Québec is a city where people work together.

Sharp minds

A specialized workforce, respected educational institutions, R&D at its best and innovative ecosystems.

We inherited our ingenuity and the firm belief that success hinges on community cooperation from our ancestors, who had to cope with a harsh environment. What’s more, because of the size of our city, we have always had to rely heavily on our imagination and keep a keen eye on newly developing trends. Being creative, striving for innovation and pushing back boundaries is embedded in our DNA. We aren’t afraid of the future, on the contrary. And to ensure we are properly prepared to meet this future, we actively work at shaping it.

Ambition without pretence

Crowning achievements, the status of provincial capital and heritage city growing entrepreneurship and ground-breaking companies.

Thinking big without going overboard is the balance we try to strike because this is what allows us to commit ourselves to one project after another without crushing the competition. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are a source of pride and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. They share their achievements knowing that their city appreciates what they do and will return the favour. Success as a key element for social cohesion: we reap the benefits of this scarce commodity in our unique business ecosystem.

All inclusive

Transportation infrastructures, exports, foreign subsidiaries and international immigration.

We may not have the most extensive garden, but we spend the time and resources needed to ensure that it flourishes. Infrastructures, green energy, telecommunications, transportation and open markets: the Québec City area has everything you’re looking for. But it also has much more. Here, we embrace diversity because this diversity pushes us forward. The Québec City area has always been a fundamentally welcoming place for individuals and businesses alike, as well as being an excellent springboard to international opportunities.

happiness made easy

A low cost of living, quality healthcare and education systems, thriving cultural and sports scenes and a way of doing business differently.

We are happy by nature and we are driven by the same positive energy in everything we do. We jealously guard our quality of life, and this is reflected in the way we do business.

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