Never alone

In Québec City, you’ll find a culture of cooperation like nowhere else. It is a tightly knit community bound together by a strong network of social and economic ties. Driven by a strong sense of pride and a thirst for innovations that will further add to its wealth of achievements, Québec is a city where people work together.

Strength is not always in numbers. Here, it is by joining forces and fully embracing our shared goals that we succeed in rising above the fray.

competitive + cooperative = creator of opportunities

Collaboration and competitiveness make a solid duo!

A competitive region

The Québec City area is in a position to rival the major cities of the world. When it comes to offering a competitive business environment to those wishing to invest here, the Québec City area has nothing to envy to the others. With a solid economy supported by strong industrial sectors, the Québec City area offers choice and momentum while reducing your costs!

A dynamic, resilient and growing economy

Over more than 20 years, the Québec City area’s economy has maintained steady growth. It’s proof that the region offers a stable, favourable business environment that responds to businesses’ and investors’ needs.

  • Highest employment rate in Canada (88.6% in 2016 for the 25-54 year old group) - unemployment rate averaging 5% between 2006 and 2016.
  • More than 300 building projects valued at over $10B between 2016 and 2026.
  • Major competitive advantages to businesses and investors alike, allowing them to reduce their operating costs, maximize profitability and benefit from advantageous tax breaks.
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A strong industrial diversity

In the Québec City area, we have an avowed predilection for industrial diversity. It’s something we’ve been building for over 25 years, by tirelessly developing and carefully advocating it. On such rich and fertile ground, clusters of expertise quickly proliferate and alliances are forged in no time at all. And this in turn is what stimulates the creation of synergies between business and industry.

  • Among the world's top 10 for its strong industrial diversity
  • 7 key industries supporting the development of value-added expertise
  • 40% of job created over the past 10 years were in the high-knowledge sector

A region of cooperation

Unprecedented collaborations, supported by government and private sector leaders, as well as regional socioeconomic stakeholders have given rise to dozens of initiatives aimed at increasing the competitiveness of both the region and its businesses.

Concrete examples of successful collaborations

  • VISI+

    Consortium for innovation behind the development of a high-performance portable optical camera designed for the mining sector and used during emergency response operations in very low visibility conditions.

  • BIOPROD 21

    Initiative that capitalizes on regional expertise in infectious diseases and the development of scientific and industrial infrastructures for pharmaceutical bioproduction, such as the production of vaccines.


    An applied research consortium aimed at developing a range of berry products to prevent cognitive decline.


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And this is just an overview! Learn more about the economy, the key industries and the collaboration opportunities in the Québec City region by downloading the document Never Alone.

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