Sharp minds

We inherited our ingenuity and the firm belief that success hinges on community cooperation from our ancestors, who had to cope with a harsh environment. What’s more, because of the size of our city, we have always had to rely heavily on our imagination and keep a keen eye on newly developing trends. Being creative, striving for innovation and pushing back boundaries is embedded in our DNA. We aren’t afraid of the future, on the contrary. And to ensure we are properly prepared to meet this future, we actively work at shaping it.

creative + ingenious = impetus for innovation

Ingeniousness that stands out!

Talent and a high-quality workforce

Skilled workers are one of our most renewable resources in the Québec City area. Hailing from reputable educational and training institutions, they dedicate themselves to enhance collective knowledge and distinguish themselves in all sectors of the economy. The Québec City area is a hub of knowledge and in choosing to set up operations here you’ll be tapping into one of the world’s largest talent pools.

Specialized workforce

Products? Services? Technology? No matter the project, to succeed and grow as a company you need to be able to count on a strong, qualified, creative and efficient team. Here, you’ll find all that and more.

  • 20% of the population have pursued training in new technologies
  • Nearly 20,000 new graduates each year (universities and colleges)
  • 52.3% of the population aged 15 to 44 is bilingual (French and English)
  • 5 universities, 16 colleges and technical training institutes, 22 vocational training schools and several specialized institutes in the region
modern building

R&D at its best

By growing in the Québec City area, you’re choosing an exceptional environment to create, test, develop and optimize. With its cutting edge expertise and experienced talent, the area has all of the resources you need to stand out from the rest.

  • 3% of GDP invested in R&D

    Ranked in the Top 3 among Canadian, US and European cities

  • 5,500 researchers and associates in cutting edge sectors

    Top 8 metropolitan areas in Canada, 2015

  • Nearly 400 labs, research centres and institutes, groups and consortiums

    and more than 120 R&D companies

  • Several research facilities for the region's strong industries

    Life sciences, nutrition, ICT and electronics, artificial intelligence and green and smart building are some of the research communities well implanted in the region.

Innovative technological assistance

Innovation in business and industry is familiar territory for us. We know that, in order to move projects forward, entrepreneurs have everything to gain from working in a dynamic environment where ideas can thrive and successes are shared. This is the reason why, over the years, we’ve implemented not only unique networks but also tried and tested ways of doing things that are highly effective in stimulating innovation. What we offer in this respect is second to none.

An ecosystem to help you grow

The Québec City area has proven itself time and time again with its numerous innovation platforms, which synergize industry and research. Through its many assistance programs, the region supports a large number of businesses and projects. In particular, it allows businesses to test their products and provides coaching that helps companies launch and grow.

  • The Québec City’s Technology showcase program
  • Innovation consortiums
  • Business incubators and accelerators
  • Entrepreneurs in residence program
  • Venture capital funds

Success stories

In the Québec City area, public programs and business consortiums unite to help bring your project to fruition.

  • Flyscan

    Thanks to support from INO’s Entrepreneurin-Residence Program supported by the City of Québec, the recently launched firm FlyScan now develops automated airborne oil leak detection services for pipeline operators. This is INO’s 31st spin-off company.

  • NYX Hemera

    NYX Hemera manufactures light control systems for road tunnels. The company’s technology showcase project, supported by the City of Québec, has enabled it to make significant inroads into its marketing efforts.

  • Gearbox

    Only a year after it opened, Gearbox Studio Québec, a division of Gearbox Software Texas, hired some fifty video game industry veterans with an average of 12 years of experience under their belt, providing the studio with a solid base for future development.

  • Groupe Trifide

    During a technological showcase, the Groupe Trifide demonstrated a unique 3D data-capture technology that uses a mobile precision mapping device. This breakthrough allowed the group to make significant inroads into the local market.


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