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$39M in benefits for the Capitale-Nationale key clusters and a new brand image

New brand image, new opportunities: 2019 is a memorable year for the key clusters and Québec International

Québec International (QI) is proud to reveal the contribution of key clusters in the area’s growth, with global economic benefits of nearly $39M in 2018. The Agency supports the development of four key clusters recognized by the Capitale-Nationale ACCORD program. In this context, QI has been supporting, for over ten years, the implementation of initiatives that meet the specific needs of businesses in these sectors, and ensures that they are promoted at the local, national and international level.

Based on a strategic reflection involving its own team, entrepreneurs and engaged partners, QI now presents the results of many months of work and collaboration. QI has thoroughly remodelled the brand image of the Capitale-Nationale’s key clusters, giving them a fresh new look to better meet the growing needs of these key sectors in the area.

After defining a vision for remodelling their brand image, QI and the different cluster committees strove to simplify communications, to maintain the reputation acquired and, more importantly, to implement new tools to improve the sense of belonging, mobilization, and positioning of each sector. Québec International President and CEO Carl Viel explained that the new brand image and visual identity reflect key principles such as regional affiliation, uniqueness and expertise.

“The new brand image highlights the targeted role of these key clusters in the organization. It also shows their significant contribution to the Québec City CMA economic growth. I am very proud of the results of this strategic reflection, which now positions our industries on a regional, national and international scale,” said Carl Viel.

According to the committee presidents of each key cluster, distinguishing and highlighting their distinct expertise was essential. In fact, beyond simply depicting a more dynamic attitude, the new brand image displays the new name of each industry.

“Feeding people by offering varied, innovative food products of the best nutritional quality and taste is the passion that drives the members of our cluster. For this reason, to illustrate this passion in all simplicity, we chose the prefix NUTRI,” said the QUÉBEC NUTRI niche president Élaine Bélanger from Maison Orphée.

“At the core of life sciences is the human being and his relationship with his environment, health, body, and quality of life. That’s why the cluster committee chose VITAE, a Latin word associated with the term life, whose roots are at the origins of the language of science,” said the QUÉBEC VITAE cluster president Patrice Gilbert from PetalMD.

“The name EPIX refers to the imagination and creativity as well as the term “epic” often used in the digital entertainment world. Moreover, members of the cluster committee wanted a name that reflected their expertise and journey in the development and commercialization of a product, for all sectors. The addition of the X at the end corresponds to the unit used to measure the definition of a digital image, the pixel,” added the QUÉBEC EPIX cluster president Dali Berthiaume from Ex Machina.

“The term BVI was born from the will of the committee members to preserve the acronym BVI, which stands for “Bâtiment Vert et Intelligent” (green and smart building). On the one hand, this intention shows the mobilization and attachment to the original name. On the other hand, the addition of QUÉBEC recognizes the sense of belonging to the area and integrates this key sector with the other clusters at Québec International,” added the QUÉBEC BVI cluster president Michel Dallaire from Groupe Dallaire.